How to send and receive faxes

Once you have purchased a fax account from us you will need to provide a valid email address to  receive all of your faxes 
yes it's that simple 

in order to send a fax 
you need to do the following 

1) Send the email to

2) In the subject field type the Destination Fax Number (Example: 6472340200).

3) Attach the document you wish to send to the email message.
MQ Solutions only supports the following formats: pdf, txt, jpg, gif, png, tif.

4) Send the email.

Note : 

If you have more than one Fax number, you could change the From Number by adding a dot (.) and the From Number you'd like to use after the Destination Fax Number (Example: 6472340200.4167890000).

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