Managed Services

Managed Monitoring

Server support and ongoing backups
1. Database backup
2. File management backup
3. Email management backups
System Update and monitoring
update the system against the market and software updates
Based on the platform of work any changes in the flowing platform will trigger the system to be updated on time.
Monitoring and modification of website related marketing activities
1. Check and measure the content of the website for Optimization
2. Checking the functionality email marketing campaign
3. Check the efficiency of the running codes
4. Check the efficiency of the Facebook campaign and measure the ad values
1. Website usage analytical reports
2. Webmaster error reports
3. Monthly sales and customer engagement reports
Any publishing material such as brochures, banners, business cards, trifold, stands or any other unrelated forms of marketing is excluded from this section

  • Weekly full back up of the following
  • Section B UPDATES
  • Section C MARKETING*1
  • Activities include
  • Section D REPORTING
  • Website reports
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